T-R-O-Y-B-O-I. These letters are chanted by the masses at his shows, but the question is who is the artist incorporating stunning visuals, live instruments, and talented dancers. Troy Henry, the elusive producer got his start making his beats standing up in his London studio apartment kitchen with his MacBook and a midi keyboard.

Today, the TroyBoi Experience is indeed a musical journey of hard-hitting beats, lights, visuals, and the unexpected.

While his musical style can be broadly classified as trap, it’s extraordinarily unique, versatile, and fuses various textures from multiple genres. Beyond his career releases which include his debut album Left Is Right (2017) and series of V!BEZ EPs in 2018 and 19, his productions have caught the ear of major music stars.

His 2018 remix of Billie Eilish’s “MyBoi-TroyBoi Remix” has garnered almost 79 million Spotify streams and in 2019, Rihanna featured two of his songs “Do You?” and “Malokara” at her SavagexFenty show, seen globally via Amazon Prime during New York Fashion Week.

In 2020 released, his highly anticipated V!BEZ Vol.4 featuring top hits like, “Do You and “Bellz” In early 2021, he released more hits like , “Mad Ting, Buss It, and “RedEye” with Justin Bieber which currently has over 73 million streams on Spotify. In 2022, Troy showed his true love and inspiration for Latin Music with an EP titled “INFLUENDO”. And in April 2023, the long awaited EP "SAY LESS" will be released assembling some of trap music's OGs.